3 Important Tips To Write Engaging Content For Your Blog!

How To Write Engaging Content For Your Blog

How many of you agree that written content is powerful?

It is, right?

In this era of social media people have really forgotten the value or power that words or written content brings in.

Nowadays you get to see a lot of video content out there.

Right from memes, animation videos, short films, etc.

But written content is still very much powerful than you think it is.

If there is one type of content that really connects with people, it is undoubtedly written form of content.

See if you are right now reading this, it means that my content has captured your attention.

So I guess you understand how powerful written content is.

Now the question is how to create better written content?

I have heard a lot of myths about being able to write powerfully.

That you need to be naturally born with writing skills.

But, that’s not true.

No one comes in this universe being a great writer.

Each and every person who takes birth on this planet has to learn how to read and write.

Like me, like you, like everybody else did.

As every great writer did, which means you can also learn the skill of writing powerful and engaging content for your readers.

It is a skill that you need to learn and dedicate yourself towards it.

If you have been reading my blog, you might have noticed that I write in very simple language.

Even a 5th grader would be able to understand.

I write only what is really important, straight to the topic.

That is why you or my readers connect with me so well.

So today in this post I will be sharing 3 very important tips to write engaging content for your blog.

Write As You Speak

If you are around a group of people and if you want them to listen to you then all you do is talk to them and the conversation will begin.

You won’t get something called talkers block.

But writing is different!

When you sit down to write blog posts and minutes pass but you just keep staring at the blank page not knowing what to write.

Well that is called a writer’s block.

Usually you just do not get the words flowing in your head.

Do you know why a lot of people struggle to write content?

It is because they do not write the way they usually speak.

All they do when writing is treat it as a project or a thesis.

They try to write in a very complicated tone and use hard to understand sentences in their writing.

Now when it comes to blogging, you are not submitting your thesis here, your only job is to connect with your audience or reader with a simple written content.

We want our audience to read our blog and eventually make a purchase.

Write like you are sitting with that person, next to him, making him understand what he is reading, your words should be that simple to read and understand.

Join A Conversation (Without Starting One)

You know what is the best way to talk to people?

It is to join their conversation which they are having but cleverly, not scaring or letting them ignore you.

You are reading this post because of the title ‘How to write engaging content for your blog’.

This was the question that you had in your mind.

That was something you were already thinking of.

So I just joined the conversation which you were having with your mind.

I got your attention and that is why written content has so much power in it.

It is more powerful than the short television ads that you see which cost millions for marketing.

So now you might ask ‘I have to write as I speak and join conversation via writing? Is there anything else?’

Yes there is.

Which is called entering your readers mind.

Knowing Your Reader’s Mind

If you are writing content for your audience which you do not know then how are you going to understand what’s going on in their minds?

If you are not able to find what’s running in their mind you won’t be able to join the conversation that they are having.

Even if you apply the hook technique you will be talking all by yourself.

So its really important to have a two way conversation to build trust and then they will become your customer.

I started this post by asking do you want to write engaging content?

Because I do understand that you want your blog to grow and for that you need to have to skill to engage your audience, make them stay on your blog for as long as possible.

And that would be possible only with engaging content.

So these we the three important tips that you need to follow in order to create engaging content for your blog.