SendInBlue vs Mailchimp [Features , Pricing & My Recommendation]

SendInBlue vs Mailchimp

As I mentioned in my lots of posts that email marketing is one the the most evergreen strategies and the highest ROI providing strategies ever.

So you need to find a perfect tool for your business or you won’t be able to take advantage of email marketing the way it should be.

With several marketing platforms out there it can be very confusing to pick either one of them.

So today I will be comparing two popular email marketing software’s, Mailchimp and SendInBlue.

Mailchimp was launched in the year 2001 and SendInBlue was launched nearly a decade after it.

There are a lot of reviews out there saying both good and not so good things about these email marketing companies.

So which one you should choose?

To help you with this task I have compared five features of both these email marketing softwares:

Let’s start. Shall we?

Email Formatting and Design

Mailchimp has the ability to build beautiful email templates, but SendInBlue customization is unmatched.

In email marketing one of the hardest task is to build, format and customize your email.

Generally your email marketing software should take care of this and make it easy for you.

SendInBlue offers you beautiful drag and drop email editor to create eye catching templates.

It has design blocks pre-made for you or you can choose to create your own email format from scratch.

Or if you have your own html code that you tend to use then SendInBlue allows you to use it. How cool is that?

SendInBlue Visual Drag and Drop Editor

Also, if you do not want to create your own template or do not have time for that than SendInBlue offers you almost 70+ pre-made templates that you can use.

They have templates for almost all categories (Greetings, Holidays, Newsletter, Transaction Receipt).

If you are planing to share your word on social media then you can do it by just one click of a button.

The best part I like about SendInBlue is that you can preview how your email will look like on different devices, browsers and email applications too.

This ensures that your emails look good and responsive for each and every recipient of yours.

When you look at Mailchimp it has one of the simplest process to create emails.

Mailchimp too offers you over 100+ pre-made email layouts and templates.

But the issue is they are not as customizable as SendInBlue.

While both the email marketing softwares provide you drag and drop email editor feature, SendInBlue offers you with much more customization options.

Mailchimp Design Blocks

Mailchimp free plan only lets you use basic templates and come with their branding at the bottom.

So when it comes to Email Formatting and Design I would go with SendInBlue.

List Segmentation and Scaling

Do you know what is the most valuable thing when it comes to email marketing?

Its your email or contact list.

So if you want to grow your business then your email marketing software should help you to not only manage but also grow you email list.

SendInBlue allows you to upload your contacts via CSV or TXT file. You can even add them manually.

It allows you to segment your audience using separate lists or filters which you can even personalize according to your needs.

Sendinblue list segmentation

What’s great about SendInBlue is you can use custom signup forms if you want to collect leads and you can easily embed it in to your site.

Mailchimp has a bit diffrent way to manage your contacts.

It provides you with the following options to separate your audience:

Tags, Segments and Contact profiles. But the drawback is that not all plans support multiple audience. Which can limit your segmentation.

Like SendInBlue, Mailchimp too offers you signup forms which you can customize and integrate into your site, set scheduled pop up’s and you can even share it online on social media.

Email Marketing Automation

Make no mistake Mailchimp has automation features that are extremely easy to use but SendInBlue offers features that really makes your life easier as an email marketer.

Where SendInBlue really thrive is when it comes to Transactional emails, whether it be confirmation emails, user behaviour, order confirmation emails, purchase or payment receipt emails.

SendInBlue provides you with a wide range of templates to choose from.

If you are planning to use SendInBlue even as a free user you get almost eight automation templates to work with, which is just great.

Sendinblue email automation workflow

That too a visual workflow editor which makes it even more easy to set up automation for your email marketing campaigns.

SendInBlue offers SMS marketing too which means you can reach to your potential customers via various channels.

Mailchimp also offers automation but its free plan are limited to single step automation workflows.

Mailchimp email automation

Mailchimp does not offer SMS marketing and also lacks visual workflow editor for automation.

Which makes SendInBlue a much better choice than Mailchimp when it comes to automation.

Support System

In digital marketing or in this case email marketing no matter how experienced you are or how well do you know your software, it is always good to have someone that can help you quickly in case something goes wrong.

You do not need to wait for someone from outside come to your rescue and till then let your business suffer or put on hold.

This is where SendInBlue clearly excels over Mailchimp,

SendInBlue offers support via email to all its users even the free ones too.

On higher plans SendInBlue offers you not only chat support but also phone support which is a big plus point for any email marketer.

SendInBlue has its own knowledge base forum kind of help system too.

Sendinblue support system

If your query is not that urgent or minor you can always hop on to the knowledge base, search your query and you can find the solution there too.

On the other hand Mailchimp offers email support for new users for just the first 30 days.

On higher plans mailchimp offers chat and email support system while as if you want direct phone support you need to be on the most expensive plan that is the premium plan.

Luckily Mailchimp too offers a Knowledge base support forum which you can use to find solution to your issues.

Mailchimp support system

So when it comes to support I will go with SendInBlue. No doubt about that!.


It is a must to invest in a good email marketing software if you want to grow and succeed in your online business.

SendInBlue pricing is a bit different than other email marketing software services out there in the market.

It charges you on the basis of the number of emails you send.

SendInBlue won’t limit your growth in aspect to your email subscriber numbers.

SendInBlue offers you 4 plans the highest or most expensive one is the enterprise plan which will be custom made for you according to your needs.

SendInBlue Pricing:

Number of emails per month: 300 emails/day
Number of emails per month: 40000
Number of emails per month: 60000
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The free plan lets you have unlimited email subscribers but you can only send 300 emails per day.

But one good thing about SendInBlue is that you can queue your emails in advance so even if your daily quota ends it will send the emails that are in queue when your daily quota resets.

One of the best thing for free users is that SendInBlue does not ask for your credit card information if you want to use their Free plan.

On the other hand Mailchimp pricing is considered to be one of the most budget friendly plan out there.

Mailchimp offers 4 pricing plans. The most expensive one is the Premium plan where you can send 3 million emails per month and you can have unlimited subscribers or contacts.

Mailchimp Pricing:

Number of subscribers 2000
Number of subscribers 50,000
Number of subscribers 100,000
Number of subscribers 200,000+
Multi-user accounts: 1
Multi-user accounts: 3
Multi-user accounts
Multi-user accounts: Unlimited
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Mailchimp’s Free plan allows you to have 2000 contacts and send up to 10,000 emails per month.

If we compare sending charges of both these companies, then SendInBlue charges around $40 for 5000 email credits where as Mailchimp charges almost 4 times $150 for 5000 email credits.

So when it comes to pricing, SendInBlue completely outranks Mailchimp.

Which One Do I Recommend?

If you ask me SendInBlue is clearly my favourite here.

Mailchimp also has some awesome tools but SendInBlue just offers a better email marketing environment for its users.

Email Formatting & DesignSmooth drag-and-drop editor, 70+ email templates, and thorough email previews100+ email templates and easy-to-use email editor, but the design lacks customization
List Segmentation & ScalingYou can organize audiences into lists and apply filtersYou can segment and tag users, and deeply analyze contact data to grow your list
Email Marketing AutomationRobust automation tools, including transactional emails, visual workflows, and SMS marketingBasic automation features, like trigger messages and multi-step email series
Support SystemAt least 60 days of phone, chat, and email support for all plans, plus an extensive knowledge baseGuides and tutorials, but live support is reserved for more expensive plans
PricingBased on how many emails you send; all plans allow for unlimited contactsBased on list size; plans have monthly email send limits
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