SendInBlue Vs Getresponse [Features, Pricing & My Recommendation]

SendInblue vs Getresponse

Do you know that more than 52% of all the people on this planet are using email.

That’s around 4 billion people approximately.

Hence, email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience.

Nowadays all digital marketers use various tools for marketing which makes their task easy.

When it comes to email marketing SendInBlue and Getresponse are widely used among email marketers in this space.

Both these tools have made marketers live easier when it comes to email marketing.

But do you know these tools are not just limited to email marketing.

These tools have many other tools that you can use to make your campaigns successful.

So which email marketing tool do I personally recommend?

Keep reading to find out.

Core Differences

When you take a close look at SendInBlue and Getresponse, you will come to know that there is just a slight difference in some of the features.

This is why it makes one tool better than the other.

Here are the differences:

1. SendInBlue has its own SMS messaging service, in which sendinblue helps with marketing.

While Getresponse offers Webinar marketing feature which you can use for doing webinars for your audience.

2. SendInBlue gives you an Unlimited days trial package while Getresponse limits it just to 30 days.

Which means if you have to use if further you have to pay for the service.

3. One of the best thing about SendInBlue is its SMTP service and if we look at Getresponse then it stands out for its aurotesponder and webinar features.

4. When it comes to billing; You can pay SendInBlue for the services you use.

While to use Getresponse you have to pay a fixed monthly fee.

5. SendInBlue was launched a few years back 2012 to be exact while Getresponse was launched way back in 1998.

Let’s compare SendInBlue and Getresponse side by side:

Free Access
Unlimited Plan (300 Emails/Day with Unlimited Contacts)
30 Days Free Trial
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Website Chat
Email Templates
Sales Funnel
Facebook Ads
SMTP Service
Pay Per Emails
Cold Mailing

SendInBlue In Summary

SendInBlue was launched in the year 2012 when already its competitors were doing well in the market including getresponse.

So when it just came out of nowhere people thought that it was a no match for the companies which were already there and being successful.

But SendInBlue had confidence in their platform and kept working on it and within couple of years it became one of the popular tools among email marketers.

The X factor which separated SendInBlue from its competitors was that it provided amazing services on an extremely affordable budget.

This is exactly what other email marketing softwares failed to provide.

Today SendInBlue is known as one of the best and cheapest email marketing automation service provider.

It not offers you email marketing services but also, CRM, Social Media advertising, SMS Marketing and Online Sessions.

Today almost 175,000 users from over 160 countries use SendInBlue for as their Email Marketing software.

SendInBlue sends over 100 Million emails everyday.

Getresponse In Summary

One of the things that SendInBlue lacks when compared to Getresponse is age and experience.

Getresponse was launched almost couple of decades ago back in 1998 by a polish teenager whose aim was to make a long lasting impact in the email marketing industry.

Getresponse is known to be one of the easiest to setup email marketing software and right so.

It’s user interface is extremely easy to use and it simplifies the task of sending emails, setting up autoresponders, managing lists and broadcasting newsletter.

When we compare it with SendInBlue in numbers then Getresponse has over 350,000 users in 182 countries.

Main Features Comparison

User Interface


The one thing that SendInBlue outranks Getresponse is its Free package.

You can use their service for an unlimited period of time until you hit that 300/day email mark.

After that, you need to subscribe for one of their plans.


Unfortunately, Getresponse offers just a 30 Free Trial to test their services.

After a free trial it will cost you 19$ per month to use their services.

The Free trial let’s you use all their services that they provide for their premium plans to use and get a feel of what you will be getting if you were to subscribe to their platform.

Email Marketing Campaigns


If you take a look at SendInBlue you will come to know that email marketing is its core feature and other things are somehow connected to it.

So one thing that you can be sure of is the quality of email marketing software it provides.

It has really made email marketers to send email campaigns for a larger audience base.

I provides you with a lot of customization options so that you can build and set your campaign the way you want.

SendInBlue also offers A/B testing feature to make sure your email marketing is successful.


Getresponse also has a lot of same features but a beginner will find it difficult to set or bring into use all the features.

Getresponse also provides you with welcome, transactional, abandoned cart, email newsletters as well as A/B testing option.

Design and Templates


SendInBlue gives you an drag and drop editor option to customize your emails.

It provides you with over 70 pre built templates that you can choose from in order to save your time.


When it comes to Getresponse it provides you with over 500 pre built templates that you can use.

It has various options that you can use to build your own design.

Add buttons, change font style and size, change layout etc.



SendInBlue offers you advanced level automation and segmentation feature that allows you to group your contacts the way you want and then setup automation workflows.

It has built-in automation workflow templates that you can use as a beginner.


Getresponse on the other hand allows you to drag and drop edit automation workflows that SendInBlue lacks.

Getresponse offers detailed workflow conditions, actions and filters.

You can easily create automation workflows for messages, visitors of your page, subscriptions etc.



1. Free Plan: $0

In this plan you can send 300 emails per day and have unlimited contacts.

2. Lite Plan: $25 per month ($22.50 per month if paid annually)

This plan allows you to send upto 40,000 emails per day.

3. Essential Plan: $39 per month ($35.10 per month if paid annually)

This plan allows you to send 60,000 emails per month.

Also, SendInBlue branding can be removed.

4. Premium Plan: $66 per month ($59.40 per month if paid annually)

This plan allows you to have multi-user access, chat options, automation, landing pages, FB ads and much more.

5. Enterprise Plan

If you are a big corporation or have a huge contact list then they will offer you customized plans and features you want.

Checkout SendInBlue


1. Basic Plan: ($10.50 – $450 per month for 1000 to 100,000 Contacts)

This plan offers several products like online product sales, sales funnels, Facebook ads, unlimited lead generation funnels, automation workflow funnels, autoresponders, landing pages and email marketing.

2. Plus Plan: ($34.30 – $499 per month for 1000 to 100,000 Contacts)

This plan provides you with 5 webinar funnels and 5 sales funnels.

You can have 3 users, contact scoring and tagging is also available.

CRM webinar with 100 attendees, 5 workflow automation builders and obviously basic plan features.

Which Software Do I Recommend?

Now that I have shown you the comparison of SendInBlue and Getresponse, I will say according to me which I would recommend.

If you are a beginner or even a medium sized blogger, marketer you should undoubtedly go for SendInBlue.

The main reason being its user friendly and the features are easy to setup.

And for budget conscious people it allows you to pay per email and not per email subscriber or contact.

SendInBlue completely outdoes Getresponse when it comes to simplicity.

Checkout SendInBlue

On the other hand if you have a big ecommerce site and advanced level automation workflow system then you should definitely go for Getresponse.

Especially, if you are trying to build an automated sales funnel system.

Checkout Getresponse