Complete SendInBlue Review [My 2021 Email Marketing Tool Recommendation]

With literally hundreds of email marketing softwares out there, its difficult to choose one that fits your business.

So I decided to write this review of my favourite email marketing company SendInBlue.

I have categorized SendInBlue in 6 different topics in detail, so please read my complete review to know who should use SendInBlue for their business.


SendInBlue In Summary:

Free PlanUnlimited Subscribers [300 emails per day]
Lowest Paid Plan$25 per month
Pre-made Email Templates140 Templates
Marketing Integrations100+ Integrations
Top FeaturesEmail Automation Workflow, A/B Split Testing, CRM Tool, SMS & Chatbot Marketing
Customer SupportVia Email and Phone
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Who Is It For?

SendInBlue has made a lot of buzz in the email marketing space and specially among beginners and that has something to do with their Free pricing plan.

According to me it is one of the best packaged Free Pricing plan compared to other email marketing softwares.

SendInBlue is a email marketing company based in Paris, France and it operated worldwide.

It also offers its services in about 6 languages which include Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French and obviously English.

People who are low on budget or beginners who want to test out email marketing softwares SendInblue is considered as a Risk Free option for them.

It offers you a Free plan in which you can collect an Unlimited number of email subscribers, Yes! you read it right.

Also, you get an extremely easy to use Drag and Drop editor for customizing your emails.

As a beginner you surely get a lot more features compared to what other email marketing services offer.

When it comes to mid-size businesses or startups you can make use of SendInBlue’s advanced features like Email Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Facebook Marketing, Retargeting, Transaction Emails, and Customer Relationship Management Tool.

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Marketing Tools

Many people think that because SendInBlue offers a free plan it would limit the functionality for the one’s signing up for that plan.

But that is not true at all. SendInBlue provides you with a wide range of tools which you can use even as a free user.

SendInBlue offers around 12 email marketing tools which they call them as apps.

On signing up for the first time, you will get 3 apps already pre-installed for you.

sendinblue marketing tools

Which include:

  • Campaigns (Where you build and manage your emails)
  • Contacts (Where you manage your email subscribers list)
  • Transactional (Here you can manage your custom personal messages which are non-promotional)

You get access to Email Automation, Chatbot Marketing, and other couple of powerful features even with the Free plan.

If you want to use more advanced features like CRM tools, Landing Pages, FB ads and more then you need to upgrade your account.

Which means you can run an incredible powerful email marketing business on higher paid plans.

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Excellent Deliverability Rate

Although SendInBlue does not offer a spam check test before sending its emails but when the actual results are incredible.

Gmail email addresses scored a 100% deliverability rate with all of them landing in the Inbox folder successfully.

sendinblue deliverability rate

Templates and Editing Options

In SendInBlue you can edit your emails the way you want, if offers 3 options which you can choose from Import custom HTML, Drag and Drop builder and Rich Text Editor.

Sendinblue offers you around 140 templates which you can use to build your emails and save time.

sendinblue email templates

The templates are basic templates that can get the job done, if you want modern templates then you can design them yourself.

Also, you can customize these templates the way you want to look them, this is what Sendinblue makes easy for its users.

You can use drag and drop visual editor to customize the email templates as per your need.

Automation Workflows

Sendinblue automation workflow templates are extremely east to use even for beginners.

All you need to do is choose form eight email automation workflow templates and enter your starting or entry point.

Then you can further add conditions, triggers, duration, etc.

sendinblue automation workflows

If you do not know what message to create in each step then Sendinblue provides you ready made messages which you can use.

If you further need to customize the editor according to your strategies then you can easily do that in workflow visual editor.

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SMTP Access

Almost all email marketing softwares just offer you promotional email sending services.

On the other hand Sendinblue lets you use their SMTP service to send Transactional as well as SMS services to your contacts.

If you want these features you do not have to be on the higher priced plans, even Sendinblue’s lite plan provides you these features.

sendinblue SMTP access

What are Transactional Emails?

Emails which are sent to a particular person after triggering a certain action like sending purchase confirmation, password reset and signup confirmation emails.

Live Chat Widget

Sendinblue goes further with marketing requirements and offer a live chat widget.

Which you can set it up in Sendinblue and integrate it on to your site easliy using a custom generated script provided to you.

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CRM Tool

You can use CRM functionality to segment your email list so that you can set emails which can be received by only a specific group of people.

You can create custom trigger options so that people are added and removed from particular lists.

If you want to access all the features of the CRM tool then you have to be on the higher priced plan.

User Friendliness

Clean Design

When it comes to user friendly design Sendinblue outranks a lot of its competitors.

Even though it offers advance automation features its interface is extremely easy to use and manage.

They even offer support on the page itself so even though you are stuck somewhere you can use the support.

sendinblue clean user interface

When you first get started with Sendinblue it guides you through the complete process.

Right from completing your profile, contact import and scheduling your first campaign.

Also, it is very easy to add contacts and create lists. Sendinblue navigation is extremely simple to use.

If you want to use more advanced features like CRM, Marketing integrations, Segmentation then Sendinblue provides or basically guides you through popup messages which is very helpful.

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Step by Step Campaign Creation

Even if you are a beginner who has never created an email marketing campaign in his life then you do not need to worry.

Sendinblue‘s step by step process which involves 4 steps guides you to create your campaign from start to finish.

sendinblue campaign guide

Those 4 steps include: Campaign setup, Designing your emails, Setting recipients and Adding confirmation message.

Stats & Reporting

Advanced Reporting Only In Higher Plans

If you want in-depth reporting for your email marketing campaigns then you have to at least subscribe for lite plan.

While on the free pricing plan you get basic analytics about your email marketing campaigns like open rates, click through rates, unsubscribed users.

sendinblue analytics and reporting

Still I would say it is the best email marketing platform when you compare it with its competitors like Aweber and Getresponse.

Individual Campaign Reports

This is one interesting feature that Sendinblue offers, you can see details for indivudual campaign you sent to any list.

All you have to do is click on the stats and you will further see more data as to how your contacts have interacted with your emails.

sendinblue individual campaign statistics

You can also print, share or export your data which is really helpful if you are handling email marketing campaigns for your clients.

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Though Sendinblue offers phone support on the higher plans, it does not provide it on the lite plan which is the cheapest paid plan.

Nor does it offer live chat option for that pricing plan.

But you can find help tab on every page that you visit. Which can somewhat make it easier to get help if you get stuck somewhere.

sendinblue support options

If you want to get access to live chat or phone support then you need to upgrade for the higher plan which is the premium plan.

Sendinblue also has help resources like its knowledgebase forum type help section which can solve half of your queries.


Here is a pricing summary that Sendinblue has to offer. You can checkout deatiled pricing and the features that it provides for specific plans here.

Emails Per MonthMulti-User AccountsAutomationSegmentationReportingPricing
LITE100,000From $25
PREMIUM1 MillionFrom $65
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