How To Promote Affiliate Products Without Spamming! [Beginners Guide]

How To Share Your Affiliate Links Without Spamming

I guess 2021 will be a great year for affiliate marketing and specially work from home businesses.

This pandemic has provided an opportunity for people to start affiliate marketing business from their home and make some extra money online along with their job.

So today in this post I will be sharing some important tips with you which will help you to kickstart your affiliate marketing business.

For those of you who are new and have no idea what affiliate marketing is, let me quickly give you a brief explanation about it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Do you know the fastest way to make money online is by generating commissions on sales.

In affiliate marketing all you need to do is refer people to someone else’s service, product or business.

Now whenever that referred person buys something from that website, you will be paid a commission. As simple as that!

But to start affiliate marketing business one thing that I would recommend is to start your own blog.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business?

Basically there are 3 simple steps you need to follow:

1. Choosing The Product

To find a product to promote all you need to do is to do a quick google search.

Just type “Your Niche” affiliate programs in google search bar and google will give you a list you all the affiliate programs in your niche.

2. Create Content Around Your Product

Now that you have found an affiliate product how do you promote it?

Simple, start creating content regarding the product. It can be blog post, email broadcast, youtube video, podcast etc.

Always remember, Content is the king!

3. Drive Visitors To Your Content

Now its time to drive visitors to your content.

If you have a blog, try and adjust things like SEO, create backlinks etc.

Let’s take a look at how you can share your affiliate links with people without spamming and make money online.

How To Share Your Affiliate Links

As we discussed earlier content is the most important thing when it comes to affiliate marketing.

What types of content you should create?

1. Blog Posts

Here is my blog:

Share Affiliate Links Via Blog Posts

I am promoting 2 email marketing softwares Getresponse and SendInBlue.

I wrote a blog post comparing both these companies, the features and pricing.

In that blog post at several locations I have add my affiliate links which were provided to me.

Also, one advantage I offer to my referrals is that when you join from my affiliate link you get a 30 day free trial to use and try these products.

This leads to an increase in conversion rate.

The best thing about sharing your affiliate links in your blog posts is that you keep getting traffic for a long time.

Whenever someone reads your blog, he will click on your link, so this will be completely passive traffic for you.

It is a never ending source of income.

2. Youtube Videos

If you are good at english and are camera friendly person then you can create videos about the affiliate product and upload it on youtube.

A survey shows that people love to watch videos rather than reading articles or blog posts.

So if you are good at it you can really attract a lot of visitors to your affiliate link.

3. Share Links On Social Media

This is another great method to share your affiliate links.

But you have to be most cautious when you are sharing or posting your links on social media.

They have strict policies and if you break those, you account will be banned from sharing/posting any more links on social media.

So how do you share affiliate links without spamming?

Well you can always share them indirectly.

How? You can share your blog posts or youtube videos with your followers.

It will bring extra traffic to your blog posts and thus more people will click on your affiliate links.

4. Via Email Marketing

This is the last method that we will be discussing today in this post.

Do you know email marketing has the ROI when it comes to generating income online.

It gives you a whooping +4400% ROI, unbelievable right?

In this method too I am not asking you to directly add links of your affiliate products.

Here too you can send people to your blog posts or youtube videos.

If you directly send bulk email with your affiliate links then it is considered as spam and you domain will be blacklisted.

You can use Thrive Leads to build and integrate email sign up forms in your wordpress site.

And to send emails I personally recommend SendInBlue. (It offers unlimited free trial)


The main takeaway from this post is that content is very important in marketing.

Make sure you do not share your affiliate links directly, share them via blog posts or youtube videos.

Also, if you have any other method or strategies that you use then please do share it with us in the comment section below.