5 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Email List!

Make money from your email list

Did you know that there are several ways to make money from your email list.

So today in this post I will be sharing 5 ways you can make money via email marketing.

1. Promoting Affiliate Products

This is one of the most commonly used way to make money via your emails.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage spam and I am against it by all means.

What I am talking about here is called cold emailing to our leads or prospects to convert them into our customers.

For example: If you want to promote an SEO premium tool like SEMrush or an email marketing software like SendInBlue write a blog post or create content around these products with your affiliate links added in the post.

Then send around 500 to 1000 cold emails to with a link which redirects them to your blog post and not directly to an affiliate product.

If you send your cold email contacts directly to an affiliate link then that is considered as spamming.

2. Promoting Your Own Services

If you haven’t checked out All In One Tools website then you can check it out here.

One of the ways to let people know about your service is by informing them via email.

If you have your own website service then you can promote it via email campaigns to your audience.

If you are using WordPress, you can make use of Thrive Leads and SendInBlue to collect and send emails.

But make sure you always try to provide good value in your emails so that cold leads turn in to customers.

Email Signup Form

3. Using Email Signatures

This is one of the most creative methods in this list.

You can use this method whenever you send email to someone.

Create Email Signature

As you can see I have integrated an automated generated signature in my email replies.

The things that I have added in this email signature are my social media links, my blog and my tools website link.

You can set this up too. Just go to your email settings and there you will find option to add signature.

You on a daily basis reply to several emails, so why not use it to bring in some extra traffic.

What you can also do is set automated replies to your email address.

So whenever people send an email to you they will get an email saying that you will reply to them ASAP and in the meanwhile they can check your links.

Its that simple.

4. Selling Your Email List

What does it mean?

I am not literally asking you to sell the email address of the people.

But to sell something that’s called newsletter.

Let’s see how you can do it.

Udimi is a website where you can buy and sell solo ads.

What is a solo ad?

Basically people who do not have a email list ask you to send their content to your email list and they pay for it.

How much you can earn?

Assuming have a list of 5000 subscribers, and their engagement rate is also good then you can easily provide they buyer with 200 clicks.

You can earn up to 200$ for this. How cool is that?

5. Embedding Ads In Your Emails

A lot of people do not even know about this.

Yes, you can embed ads in your emails which you send to your contacts.


Whenever you are writing an email, there is an option for HTML formatting.

All you have to do is add HTML in your email template. That’s it.

Even big sites like quora make use of this method. And YES, this is not considered as spamming.

When you advertise on quora, it shows a dialogue box where it asks you if you are willing to place ads in their newsletter.

Advertising in Quora Email List