How To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Blog Using Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords SEO Technique

Whenever I discuss SEO with someone, I always get to hear that SEO is difficult and is hard to optimize their sites for ranking in google.

But little do they know that SEO is not that hard.

Yeah I will agree that you might not see results for a while, but when the traffic starts coming in it remains consistent.

And I am talking about 1000’s of visits per day to your site.

If you ask me to put SEO in simple terms, I would say SEO is a skill of creating content that people are searching for and really would love to read.

All you have to do is recognize what people are looking for, their queries and solve them through your content.

The most basic thing you need to do in order to master the SEO skill is to know how search engines like google operate.

Today, it might be difficult to guess how exactly search engines rank websites.

But what we do know is backlinks is one of the ranking factors.

But again each backlink’s quality is different, some might increase your ranking and some might even decrease your ranking.

At last google choose to rank sites higher which are more trustworthy and authoritative than others.

So it really has to analyze a lot of sites with similar keywords and then decide based on the ranking factors which will rank higher in the search engine.

That is the main reason why you should always be looking to build quality backlinks to your site whenever you get the opportunity.

What Is Long Tail SEO?

Long Tail SEO is a technique which helps to rank our websites higher in search engine results.

What exactly is a Long Tail keyword?

It is basically a long phrase which contains two or more main or focus keywords that you use to target audience in your niche.

The advantage is that you can generate more targeted traffic to your blog using this technique.

Long Tail SEO Keywords

These long term keywords are much more specific compared to your main focus keywords.

It has less competition and you can make use of these keywords to rank in competitive or targeted niches too.

Suppose you are in digital marketing space who has a blog, and your chances of ranking for the word ‘Digital Marketing’ and generating traffic through that keyword is almost negligible.

The main reason being that the keyword has a lot of competition.

You can use SEMrush to do keyword research and analyze data.

Digital Marketing Keyword Difficulty

On the other hand if you use terms like ‘Digital Marketing Agency In Mumbai’ it will have less search volume.

Digital Marketing Agency In Mumbai

But the traffic will be much more targeted and the long tail phrase will be easier to rank for.

Short keywords or main stream keywords have a lot of search volume and people try to generate traffic through those keywords, but what they do not realize is that it is very hard to rank for those keywords especially if your blog is new.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords?

The most easiest way to find long tail keywords is to use google itself.

Visit and in the search bar enter your main keyword, but do not press enter, press space bar instead.

It will then show you or basically suggest you keywords that people are already searching for.

For ex:

If you type ‘SEO agency’ in search bar and then press space.

It will recommend you all the long tail keywords that you can make use of.

SEO Agency

You can also make use of SEO tools for keyword research and analyze more in-depth data.

So it is very important to understand which keywords you should be targeting in order to rank your websites higher in search engines.

Always place yourself in your audience’s place and write content for them, what they are searching for and create content that will solve their queries.

So if you are new to blogging and do not know how to get traffic to your blog as most niches are saturated.

Keep searching for these long tail keyword opportunities to target.

People really underestimate long tail keywords but it is the gold mine of organic and super targeted visitors.

I personally recommend you to checkout Long Tail Pro for finding undiscovered long tail keywords.