8 Most Important Google Ranking Factors [Complete Guide]

Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Do you know that Google uses hundred’s of signals which to determine the ranking of your website.

Not only that it changes or makes slight tweaks to their algorithm over 600 times a year.

Google Algorithm Update

So obviously it is hard to understand all the ranking factors that Google takes into consideration while ranking websites.

But you do not need to worry, you do not need to know 200 ranking signals in order to rank your website.

That’s why in this post today, I will be showing you the most Important Google Ranking factors that you should be knowing.

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For people that do not know backlinks is one of the factors of page rank.

Which is considered to the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm.

They have even mentioned it on their website under ‘How search works’.

How Search Works

Also, there have been experiments and case studies which prove that there is a correlation between backlinks and the organic traffic that your site gets.

Google Ranking Factors Backlinks Correlation With Organic Traffic

But if you think that you can get any site to link to you and you will start ranking higher, than I am sorry to disappoint you. This won’t increase your ranking.

Yes! Google does not treat all links as equal.

There are a lot of parameters which google looks at to determine the quality of your backlink and thus increase your position in the search engine results.

And the two most important parameters of all of them are:

  • Relevancy
  • Authority

Freshness of Content

Freshness is a ranking factor which depends on the queries that people search for.

For ex: If someone searches for ‘Bitcoin News’ they will get very up to date fresh results.

Bitcoin News

The main reason for this is that people searching for it want to what’s happening currently related to Bitcoin and not something that happened in the past.

There are many such topics for which freshness is important.

Like latest laptops. Almost all pages that rank on top in search results have the current year in their meta title.

Latest Laptops

Because they want people to know that their content is up to date and fresh.

While when it comes to topics or queries like how to tie a tie, in this case freshness is not that important factor.

how to tie a tie

Why? Because nothing really has really changed over the years.

While backlinks are considered to be one of the most important factors that help you to rank in search results, search intent is often the most overlooked ranking factor.

What is search intent?

Search intent is basically the reason why a person is searching for the query.

So suppose if someone makes a search in google ‘how to make a cheese cake’ which means the person want to find a particular recipe.

How To Make a Cheese Cake

When they make a search ‘best gaming laptops under $2000’ they want to see a list of all the gaming laptops that are under $2000.

Best Gaming Laptops

So how to determine the search intent?

There are three things that determines search intent of a user or a searcher:

1. Content Type

  • Blog Posts
  • Product Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Landing Pages

2. Content Format

  • How To’s
  • Listicles
  • Tutorials
  • Opinion Editorials

3. Content Angle

This is the important signal that most of the pages which rank on top are using or have implemented in their content.

For ex: People are using current year in their title to notify google about their up to date content.

Topical Authority

To put it in simple terms Google want to rank pages that are from trusted or authoritative sources.

And backlinks is just the base, it goes way beyond that.

Suppose you search for ‘how to make a boat’ or ‘how to unclog a toilet’ it is quite possible that a lower DR site may outrank higher DR ranked websites.

Topical Authority Ranking Factor

Google released something called Search Quality Rater Guideline.

If you read that document and take a close look you will find that it has mentioned a term called E-A-T.

Google EAT update

What E-A-T stands for?

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness.

It is surely impossible for any person to write a content which has all these three things.

Also, if you observe closely then you will find that pages of a blog which are more focused on just one specific topic have more internal backlinks than others pages.

Internal Links

Internal links help you in two ways:

  • To increase authority
  • Help to make understand Google what the page is about

Content Depth

What is content depth?

Content depth is about creating a content that is so detailed that it fulfills all the topics that the person searched for using a query.

For ex:

If we search for ‘best headphone brands’, you will find out that search results shows us that if you want to rank in the search engine then you need to create a list post specifically about headphone brands.

Best Headphone Brands

To learn more what you can do is visit the pages that are ranking in the top position and analyze those pages for similarity in their content.

What you can also do is refer to these two great help boxes from google:

People also ask

People also ask

Related searches

Related Searches

Page Speed

Do you know that page speed is a well know ranking signal which was made public in the year 2010.

Site Speed Ranking Factor

While many people are looking to improve their site speed by even fraction of seconds, others have no idea about it.

One thing I would like to suggest is if you want to have a fast loading site then you need to use a good web hosting service. I personally use and recommend Cloudways hosting.

But on the other hand Google also says that the speed update won’t have that much effect on rankings and only a few pages or sites that are ranking will be affected.

Google Page Speed Update

So what to do?

If you take my advice, improve your site speed.

You do not want to make your visitors which land on your site to wait until the site loads so that they can read your content.

They will immediately leave if your site does not open in 2-3 seconds.

This will increase bounce rate and send a signal to google.

What’s worse is if your visitors do not view your content then how do you expect them to convert in to your customers.

So overall this is a loss of revenue, hence I recommend to improve your site speed.

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Use https:// Protocol

Back in 2014 google updated their algorithm and updated it with the https:// protocol as a ranking signal.

HTTPS Ranking Signal

Which affected less than 1% of all the sites online.

While using https:// secured protocol won’t have much effect on your rankings but implementing it on your site takes less than a minute.

In the hosting I use all you have to do is switch on the SSL or https:// secure tab.

HTTPS Protocol

That’s it.

Now your site will have the https:// protocol and that’s another ranking signal that your site will send to Google.

User Experience

Suppose you search for something on google and if you click on any of the search result and visit that site.

Next thing you find out that the content the site has was not something you searched for.

Let’s say you did not have a great experience.

This is exactly google do not want.

Google want’s the visitors who visit sites via search results to have a good and positive experience.

Because if people visit a site and find the content relatable and have positive experience, which means that they will stay on the site for a longer period of time.

This will send a signal to google and google will make sure that the particular site or page keeps ranking higher in the search results.

What to do in order to engage your visitors which will make them to stay longer on your site?

  • Create easy to read content
  • A well structured site
  • Responsive design
  • Do not add too many ads or pop ups that will distract users or make them leave

So whenever you create a site or a post think from a visitors perspective.

While google say that these ranking signals are not reliable, experiments made by SEO experts tell us a different story.

Their experiments showed that high click through rate and dwell time does help you to rank higher in google search results.

CTR Affective In Higher Rankings