How To Use Google Tools For Keyword Research?

Google Keyword Research Tools

Who does not want to get access to winning keywords, but not everybody has the budget to use premium keyword research tools.

One tool that use to be really good was Google Keyword Planner.

All you had to do was enter your ‘Main Keyword’ and google not only showed you suggested keywords but also search volumes for those keywords.

Google Keyword Planner Search Volume

But now google has limited this feature and made changes to it.

Now it just shows a range of search volume and it is not that useful.

Google Keyword Planner Search Volume Range

So today in this post I am going to share how you can still use other tools offered by google to do keyword research for free.

Google Trends

Google Trends helps you to visualize the search popularity of any keyword over time.

For ex:

If you take a look at a keyword ‘Kids Clothing’ and analyze the data for the past 5 years, we can see that there is a huge demand and especially in the month of Nov-Dec.

Google Trends Kids Clothing Interest Overtime

This is because most festivals and events are in that time frame.

But the question here is, how can we use this information for doing keyword research?

To start with, it can help you to plan your strategy in advance.

Let’s assume you have a online kids clothing store.

So creating new clothing designs every year at this time does make sense.

Here is another example of keyword ‘Iphone’.

Iphone Interest Overtime

Interest in the keyword ‘Iphone’ sees a spike every year during the month of september.

If you are someone who has been blogging, then it will be a perfect type of blog post to write during that period.

Other than that you can also use google trends to avoid targeting keywords that are not anymore in trend.

Here’s an example:

In the image you can see that it is showing the search volume of keyword ‘Apple watch series 3’ as 120k, and ‘Apple watch series 5’ as 25k.

So the rule or logic about targeting or creating content for the highest search volume keyword does not fit here.


If you pop in these two keywords in google trends, you will come to find out that even though ‘Apple watch series 3’ has more search volume but the trend has depleted and the trend of ‘Apple watch series 5’ has surpassed it.

apple watch series google trends data

So if you had an e-commerce store which product would your prioritize to spend on marketing?

It would be ‘Apple watch series 5’, Right?

Google Search Console

As you all know that you can track your website performance in Google Search Console.

Which means you can check the keywords that you are ranking for and are bringing your organic traffic.

If you take a look at my search console data and analyze the traffic for the past 3 months.

This report gives you a great insight on your website and especially keywords performance.

So how to find new keywords to create content for?

What you can do is sort your keywords that you are getting organic traffic from low Click through rate to highest.

This technique will now find out or discover keywords that you might be unknowingly ranking for that you never targeted.

Hence, you can analyze such keywords and create content dedicated to those keywords.

Google (People Also Ask)

If you ask me I think google is one of the best keyword research tool out there.

It provides you with an autocomplete feature whenever you type in a keyword in google search bar.

It literally generates unlimited number of keyword suggestions.

But that’s not it, there’s more:

Whenever you search for something make sure to take a look at this ‘People Also Ask’ box that appears on the search results page.

If you search for keyword ‘Protein Powder’ you can see this box in the search results of the page.

people also ask protein powder search box

These are other questions that people are asking or searching for on google.

And to see more of these all you have to do is click on any of the questions and google will keep loading more and more questions like these.

people also ask more protein powder questions

You can keep doing this all day and google will keep generating such phrases that you can use in your blog posts.

But this does not end here.

Suppose you want to rank for a keyword.

There are surely a lot of factors that apply when it comes to search engine optimization.

But one thing I can say surely is that, your content needs to be related to the keyword you are trying to target.

So to conclude all I want to say is do not underestimate google as a keyword research tool.

In the end keyword research is all about finding new keywords to rank for.

And google provides you exactly that.