5 Best Getresponse Alternatives For 2022 [+My Recommendation]

Today if you search for email marketing softwares online you will find a lot of alternatives that you can use.

But the thing is not all of them are as good as they seem to be.

If you take a look at Getresponse you will find out that when it comes to CRM, Analytics and Integrations your are limited to certain things.

This can hold you from scaling or growing your business as the features you need like email performance stats, marketing tools are very limited.

Features I Compared With Other Alternatives

1. Pricing

Unfortunately, for those on a budget Getresponse does not offer Free plans.

So I did some researched and picked some better cheaper or even Free alternatives.

2. Analytics

Getresponse do offer analytics but they just offer the basic analytics like open rates, number of social shares, and your email campaign ROI.

I looked at other email marketing softwares that provide similar features like subscriber data, more in-depth insights, and more automation features.

3. Integrations

Getresponse does offer API which can help you to connect with other platforms but it lacks in-built integrations.

So I have found some other softwares that integrate seamlessly with e-commerce, SEO and other important apps needed for marketing.

4. CRM Tools

Getresponse has the feature where you can upload, manage and segment your email subscribers.

But the downside is that it does not sync with other CRM apps.

I have searched for softwares that smoothly sync’s with other CRM tools.

5. Marketing Bundle

Getresponse provides you with landing page builder, but if you really want to take your business to the next level than Getresponse holds you back.

I came up with other Getresponse alternatives which offer much more features like SMS marketing, Social media post scheduling, chat bot marketing etc.

Getresponse Alternatives

1. SendInBlue

getresponse alternative sendinblue

SendInBlue has four pricing plans for all suitable businesses, whether you are a single individual or you are a big team.

SendInBlue covers all email marketers under one roof.

The cheapest plan that it offers completely focuses on email marketing itself.

But when it comes to the premium and enterprise plans you will get a lot of tools which include landing pages, automation workflows, facebook ads and other tools too.

If you are a beginner and you find other email marketing softwares difficult to use, then I would suggest to try SendInBlue, it has one of the most simple and easy to use interface.

If offers you drag and drop email builder with visual editor, you can add dynamic content too which lets you customize emails to each recipient of yours.

One thing SendInBlue clearly does better than Getresponse is segmentation and email workflows which are extremely easy to setup compared to Getresponse.

Along with robust email marketing platform SendInBlue offers several other channels of marketing like SMS, FB ads and chatbots.

Top SendInBlue Features:

  • Email Automation Workflows: Getresponse does let you build automation workflows but in SendInBlue you can also run A/B split testing to make sure you find your successful campaign.
  • CRM Tool: CRM has an in-built tool just like Getresponse has the only difference is that SendInblue makes it extremely easy for you to follow up with your contacts and make sure you get the most out of each and every email subscriber of yours.
  • SMS and Chatbot Marketing: Getresponse does not have these email marketing tools built-in, you have to integrate them separately if you want to make use of these features. While as SendInBlue offers all the above tools in one place without any integrations needed.
  • Ads Retargeting: Getresponse offers ads retargeting for just Facebook and Instagram which limits your targeting. On the other hand SendInBlue offers you display ads retargeting on multiple platforms which makes it a crowd favourite.
  • Free Plan: SendInBlue offers you unlimited subscribers and 300 emails/day for absolutely free of cost. You do not require to give your credit card information if you want to use the free plan. While Getresponse does not even have free plan, it just offers you 30-day trial.
➜ Checkout SendInBlue

2. Benchmark Email

getresponse alternative benchmark

If you have never heard of benchmark and you take a look at it you might think that it is yet another basic email marketing tool.

But if you take a look inside you will find that it is filled with wide range of email marketing tools.

If you do not want to build your email template from scratch then Benchmark offers you around 220+ email templates which you can choose from.

The great part of these templates is that they are fully responsive even when you use them in automated messages.

Another plus point of Benchmark is that it has an extremely powerful email autoresponder but also it is very easy to use even for beginners.

Benchmark provides you with different tools to capture leads landing pages which you can build by simple drag and drop editor, sign up forms. Even a beginner can build these pages and forms.

Top Benchmark Features:

  • Free Plan: Benchmark does offer you a Free plan but you can only send 250 emails per month. Also, you do not get access to all the features.
  • Advance Reporting: Benchmark provides you with a lot of data, right from open rates, click through rates but also, social media and likes too. It really helps to give you a deep insight whether your business is loved by people or not.
  • Autoresponder: If you want to follow up with your leads, benchmark makes it extremely easy based on multiple conditions using triggers which lets you target the right audience.
  • Integrations: Benchmark offers more than 1500 integrations. It works with almost each and every marketing software out there.
➜ Checkout Benchmark Email

3. Active Campaign

getresponse alternative activecampaign

If you have been using other email marketing software for a long period of time and suddenly you take a look at ActiveCampaign then you might find it overwhelming.

ActiveCampaign is one of the most advanced email marketing software company. But luckily it has a simple to use interface.

The best part about ActiveCampaign is that you can view all your email marketing funnels on just one screen.

This really helps to visualize your funnel and then optimize it accordingly.

What sets ActiveCampaign apart from all the email marketing softwares out there are its features. Like SMS marketing, Chatbot and Machine Learning feature which advanced email marketers use.

The best part about ActiveCampaign plans is that every plan provides you with all the automation features.

Top ActiveCampaign Features:

  • Machine Learning: This features ensures that the emails you are sending are landing in to your subscribers inbox at the right time. This increases open rate and thus increases conversions.
  • Chatbot: This is one of the best marketing tool that you can embed in your site. Even if you are not present the bot will take care of your visitors and even convert them in to a lead or customers.
  • SMS Marketing Tool: With the help of SMS marketing you will be able to reach peoples devices, so that opens up huge opportunities as an email marketer.
  • Integrations: ActiveCampaign offers over 300+ integrations which are almost double than what Getresponse has to offer.
➜ Checkout Active Campaign

4. Aweber [*Recommended]

getresponse alternative aweber

The main focus of Aweber is on email marketing and landing pages.

Aweber allows users to get started for Free up to 500 subscribers.

The best part about Aweber is it’s focus on mobile applications which make it extremely easy for email marketers to work from anywhere.

You can directly create landing pages as well as sign up forms right from your smartphone, which obviously save a lot of time.

Top Aweber Features:

  • Mobile Reporting: This feature allows email marketers to check their email marketing performance right on the go. You do not need to open your laptop to see how your campaign is performing.
  • Integrations: Aweber offers you more than 500+ integrations. Aweber supports CRM, Landing Pages, Membership app and ecommerce too.
  • Unlimited Team: If you want each and every member of your team to have access to aweber, then you can give them access. You can have unlimited team members added to your account. While Getresponse only allows 5 team members per account.
  • Incredible Support: Aweber offers you 24/7 live chat option. If at any time you are stuck somewhere you can just open the live chat pop up and the support team will be ready to assist you in solving your query.
➜ Checkout Aweber

5. Mailchimp

getresponse alternative mailchimp

First of all Mailchimp offers a completely Free account for beginners which Getresponse doesn’t.

Though Mailchimp does not provide advance email marketing tools for free accounts it does offer basic tools which beginners can use to build their email list.

Mailchimp is Free up to 2000 email subscribers.

It is the best email marketing software for beginners who do not want to setup automation workflows for their email subscribers.

Top Mailchimp Features:

  • CLV: One thing that really attract lot of eyeballs is this Customer Lifetime Value tool which estimates the value of your customer when you connect Mailchimp with your e-commerce store. This is really helpful when you need to calculate ROI on your advertising campaigns.
  • Calendar: This features that Mailchimp provided allows you to view all your scheduled emails, social media promos at once.
➜ Checkout Mailchimp


Base Price
Unique Feature
Best For
Benchmark$0More than 1,500 app integrationsMarketers who need to integrate a wide range of tools
SendInBlue$0SMS and chatbot marketingSmall Teams and Freelancers
Active Campaign$9Machine learningAdvanced Marketers
Aweber$0Mobile appsLarge Email Marketing Teams
Mailchimp$0Direct mail postcardsBeginners who want a lot of tools