Best Email Marketing Practices For 2021: Secret Tricks

Best Email Marketing Practices

Do you know what are the best email marketing practices you should be following in 2021?

Today, in this post I will be showing you some of my secret tricks which will not only help you to improve your open rate but also your click through rate.

Before getting in the email practices if you are a new reader of this blog, lets first quickly understand what exactly is email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

I will quickly summarize what is email marketing.

Just go your Gmail account (I am assuming you have one) and head over to the promotions tab.

Here you will see all the promotional emails and ads of different services or products that are being shown to you.

If you take a close look you will find almost 95% of big companies use this strategy to promote their software, services or even physical products that you can order.

All they do is send an email notifying people about the new product that they have launched so that people can buy their products. Awesome, Right?

Email marketing is considered as the highest ROI generating type of digital marketing.

So let’s take a further look and see how you can make use of email marketing and the practices to follow in order to make money online.

Email Marketing Practices

If you follow the strategies in this post then you can also run email marketing campaigns which will have over 50% open rate.

1. Test Your Subject Line Score

This is very important.

Why so?

Because, this is what determines whether your email will land in the inbox folder or promotions or even spam folder.

Hence, testing a subject line of your email is very important before you send your campaign.

It is the first thing your contact’s notice, if they like it or feel curious then they will click on it.

So how to know which type of subject lines you should be using?

Go to

Enter your subject line and click on ‘Test Subject Now’ button.

For example lets use this subject line: Send 750K Emails Case Study.

Email Subject Line Score Tester

As you can see the tool has given this subject line an “A” with 94 points.

Which tell you that it is a very good subject line to use.

Good subject lines like these will make customers more curious and interested in your email which will make them open your email and eventually become your next customer.

2. Check Where Your Emails Will Land: Span, Inbox or Promotions.

We all must have heard of either spam or inbox folders.

Gmail Promotions Tab

But, what is this promotions folder or tab?

If you login to your gmail account then you will see 3 tabs on top of your emails.

One of those tabs is named as promotions tab. Head over to that tab.

Whenever a new email is arrived in this tab gmail won’t even send you a notification.

It is very important to make sure that your emails won’t end up in the promotions tab.

So how to take care of this?

First of all visit, then hover over products and click on “Inbox, Spam or Promotions” option.

Now copy all the email addresses you see in Step 1. Temporary Test Email Addresses

Now send your test email to these email addresses. Email Lands In Inbox

As you can see my email landed in people’s inbox.

This is how you can pre-test your email marketing campaigns before sending.

If it lands in spam or promotions folder then change your words, reduce images and re-test your emails.

3. Check Your Sending Score

For checking your sending score go to

Now the website will give you a temporary email, send your test email to the temporary email address and then check your score.

This tool will see if your email is blacklisted or marked as spam.

It will basically check your emails reputation and give you a score out of 10.

Email Sending Score

Obviously the higher the score it will be better for you.

Always try and get at least a score of 9 to make sure your emails do not land in spam folder.

4. Send Test Emails To Yourself

Nowadays everyone has a gmail, outlook or yahoo account.

This is how you can make use of those accounts to test your emails before sending.

From your email marketing software send a test email to one of your personal email address and see where does your email land.

If it lands in your inbox then you are good to go.

Keep changing your subject line or content of your email till it lands in your email inbox folder.

You can also test the emotional strategy behind your email.


When you send the email to yourself imagine that someone else has sent you this email and if you are curious enough to open it.

Also, one of the most important thing in today’s world is to check the responsiveness of your email.

Try to open it on mobile or tablet and see how does it look on those devices.

Make sure your content is visible and clearly readable on different devices too.

5. Content and Call To Action

The last but not the least practice that you need to follow is to keep your email content neat and clean.

Try not to stuff lot of images which will make the user difficult to read the text.

Make sure the content is short and sweet.

7-8 lines of content is enough and 2 call to action links.

One at the start of email and one in the end works very well.

If you have any other tip that you would like to share with us then please write a comment below.