5 Best Aweber Alternatives For 2021

If you think that Aweber is not suitable for your business then there are several other email marketing softwares out there which you can checkout.

Many companies have the same issue like Aweber, they either have limited features or have old and out-dated email building templates.

So to help you in choosing your new email marketing software, I did some research and came up with best 5 alternatives for Aweber.

To compare I tested features of other email marketing services like Email Templates, Marketing Automation, Pricing and more.

5 Aweber Alternatives:

5 Best Aweber Alternatives

1. Getresponse

Getresponse Aweber Alternative

If you take a close look at Getresponse you will find that it offers a wide range of tools needed for email marketing.

It not only offers you sign-up forms but also landing pages with over 500 pre-made templates which you can use to save time.

Aweber offers just three basic automation features for its users, on the other hand Getresponse offers much more advanced automation options.

In Getresponse you can send emails to your subscribers based on:

  • The lead magnet they subscribed for
  • The links that they clicked in your emails
  • Amount of money spent on your courses or products

Getresponse provides you with over 40 email automation templates with its higher priced plans.

When it comes to user interface it is not the most easiest one but they do offer 24/7 live chat support if you are stuck somewhere and need urgent help.

Getresponse Features:

  • Cheap Pricing: Getresponse offers it base plan for a cheaper rate than what Aweber has. But the only thing is that it has limited features, which if you are a beginner and do not need advanced automation option then it will be completely fine for you.
  • Marketing Funnels: Getresponse makes it easy for you to build email marketing funnels for your business. All you need to do is to choose the type of funnel you intend to build and then Getresponse will guide you through. Aweber does not have something like this at all.
  • Webinar Integration: One of the big advantages of using webinar is that you can host a webinar on Getresponse itself. Which is another great for of sales machine.
  • A/B Testing: All email marketers want to be their email marketing campaigns to be successful and one feature that they really need when they market their landing pages is A/B split testing. Getresponse does offer this features for its users.
Checkout Getresponse

2. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email Aweber Alternative

Benchmark Email marketing may look like simple for some folks out there, but do mind that the tools they offer are much more advanced for email marketing.

You will find all the necessary features needed, plus they have over 200 pre-made templates of signup forms and landing pages.

Benchmark Email offers way more options to customize your email list than that of Aweber.

Benchmark email lest you build your own email templates with options to choose from single or multiple columns, etc.

One of the est things about Benchmark Email is its support, they have phone support in literally eight languages, awesome! isn’t it?

Benchmark Email Features:

  • Offers Free Plan: Benchmark does offer a free plan in which you can have unlimited subscribers. But you can only send 250 emails per month. If you have a small list then you can consider using Benchmark Email.
  • CRM Tool: Benchmark Email does offer you an advanced level CRM tool in which you can track your email contacts and their progress in your funnel pipeline.
  • Image Editor: Nowadays many email marketers have started adding images in their emails. And a lot of times the images do not work well in emails, but Benchmark Email allows you to directly edit the image in the editor itself. You can resize, change color and even add an overlay text on it. How cool is that?
  • Polling Feature: Aweber has a very basic poll options, while Benchmark Email offers an extensive range of survey options.
Checkout Benchmark Email

3. SendInBlue [*Recommended]

SendInBlue Aweber Alternative

If you are looking for an email marketing software which fits all business sizes then I would recommend to go with SendInBlue.

It not only excels in email marketing but also provide tools to manage facebook ads, SMS and more.

SendInBlue has free plan too, in which you can have unlimited subscribers and you can send upto 300 emails per day.

If you want to get quickly started with emails then SendInBlue offers 70+ pre-built templates which you can use to save time.

SendInBlue Features:

  • Optimize Sending Time: This is what makes SendInBlue special, it uses machine learning to detect what time is the best to send emails to your contacts.
  • Heat Maps Feature: Aweber can provide you with basic stats when it comes to analytics, but SendInBlue takes it to another level by providing heat maps which is literally visual color coded data.
  • SMS Marketing: If you want to expand your business then if offers SMS messaging system too which you can use too. Not many email marketing softwares offer this feature.
Checkout SendInBlue

4. Convertkit

Convertkit Aweber Alternative

Convertkit launched itself in the market with a tagline “Email Marketing Software For Bloggers” but overtime is has become one of the most favourite too of more complex businesses too.

In Convertkit all your contacts are store in just one single list and you can then separate them with powerful features like tagging and segmenting.

This will take a bit of time to get used to but once you get a hold of it you will understand how simple and time saving it is.

Convertkit does not offer a lot of templates to build emails, three to be exact.

But you can use HTML editor to further customize you emails.

Convertkit Features:

  • Free Basic Plan: Convertkit free plan lets you have 1000 email subscribers while Aweber only allows you 500 subscribers.
  • Single Opt-In: In Aweber people have to double opt i, the second time confirming their email address, which is a bit of traditional way and there is no option for Single Opt-in which at times loses you subscribers. While Convertkit gives you an option to Single optin your email subscribers.
  • Advanced Segmentation: In Convertkit you can separate your email subscribers on the basic of what links they have clicked in your email, while Aweber do not allow this feature.
  • Resend Your Broadcast Messages: If you send a broadcast email via Convertkit to your email subscriber then you can resend the message to those who did not open that email. While in Aweber you have to create a new broadcast message for all the subscribers again.
Checkout Convertkit

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Aweber Alternative

Mailchimp is one of the favourite email marketing software for beginners as it offers everything a small business needs from email builder to social media tools.

Mailchimp does offer a free plan in which you can have 2000 contacts and can send upto 12000 emails per month.

Its drag and drop editor and automation features is what many people love.

The only downside of Mailchimp is that it does not allow direct affiliate marketing via their emails. Which means if you want to add direct affiliate links in your emails then you need to choose other email marketing platform for your business.

Mailchimp Features:

  • New Templates: Mailchimp does not have much email templates but the on’es they have are pretty clean and modern.
  • Preview Option: This is a great feature as you can see how you emails look in different browsers before sending your email campaign.
  • Time Zone Setting: As online business have world wide customers it is important to send them emails according to their time zones to make sure they won’t miss your email. Mailchimp does allow you to do it.
  • Mobile Friendly: Mailchimp has its own mobile app which makes it extremely easy for you to manage emails, campaigns, track data when you are on the go.
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