Aweber Vs Mailchimp [Which One To Choose In 2021?]

Aweber Vs Mailchimp

If you are a beginner then its probably very confusing to choose between Aweber and Mailchimp.

So I have narrowed down the features for you so that you can see which one will better suit your business.

Both of them have good enough features that will take your business forward, but it totally depends on your budget and the features that you really intend to use.

I have sorted out the features which will make it easy for you to know which email marketing software you should go with.

Signup Forms

Aweber has over hundreds of pre-made templates which you can use, on the other hand Mailchimp has limited templates choice.

Creating a signup form in Mailchimp is a bit easy all you need to do is go to your Manage Audience Tab > Signup Forms option > Embedded Forms.

Mailchimp provides you with four types of forms which you can create, the only downside of is that all the forms are quite plain in design.

Mailchimp Template Options

While Aweber offers you literally hundreds of colorful templates which you can customize and embed in your site with a few clicks.

Aweber Template Options

Importing Contacts

Whenever you change your email marketing software or you want to change services because you are not happy with your current one.

The first thing that concerns you is how do I import contacts? will it be easy?

Aweber has a limit of 10,000 contacts which you can import without manual review.

You can add contacts via different file types like CSV, TXT, XLSX, XLS, TSV or if you have few contacts the you have a direct paste option which you can use.

Aweber Import Contacts

While adding contacts to Aweber you need to answer a few questions like:

  • How did the contact join your list
  • Do they need to opt-in again
  • Will they get your email welcome follow up series

Then you can click on finalize button to import your contacts.

Mailchimp offers more options while importing contacts.

It also offers more contact imports than Aweber.

If you are previously using Mailchimp and if you have an audience then while importing you can choose the audience that you want to import your contacts to.

Mailchimp Import Contacts

In short Mailchimp offers a simple way than Aweber to import your contacts.

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Email Automation

Mailchimp provides you with a lot of options for automation than Aweber does.

If there is one feature that ensure a successful email marketing campaign then it’s the Drip Email feature.

Luckily both Mailchimp and Aweber provide them to you.

Aweber Email Automation

In order to create a autoresponder in Aweber, go to campaigns select your list and tag the users.

Its that basic workflow that Aweber offers.

On the other hand Mailchimp offers you a wide range of automation workflows if you have different goals and niches.

Mailchimp Email Automation

If you want simple to setup automations then I would recommend to go with Aweber as its quick and easy to build a workflow.

Newsletter Creation Process

If you try to create a newsletter via Mailchimp you find it a bit easier than Aweber.

Mailchimp offers you around +100 templates to choose from, on the other hand Aweber has over 700+ templates.

But the downside with Aweber is that it is not as flexible as Mailchimp.

Aweber offers you drag and drop editor but the customization options are very less compared to Mailchimp.

While creating a newsletter in Mailchimp you can select a purpose and you will be provide with several templates which will speed up your email creation process.

Mailchimp Email Creation Process

When you finish editing or creating your email newsletter you can choose to send the campaign from the page itself, while in Aweber you build your email newsletter on one page and then choose the list or subscriber that you want to send to on the other page.

Another feature that Mailchimp offers is the email spam testing service which makes it easier for you to know whether your emails will land in inbox or not.

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Analytics and Reporting

Both Aweber and Mailchimp offer fantastic reporting on your email marketing statistics.

Mailchimp Analytics and Reporting

Mailchimps free plan does offer basic reporting for beginners to see how their campaign in performing.

Mailchimp higher priced plans offer you to integrate it with google analytics, ecommerce tracking and much more features.

Aweber offers statistics like open rates, click through rates etc, but Mailchimp analytics and reporting is a bit superior than Aweber.

Aweber Analytics and Reporting
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Do you know what makes email marketing so successful for of marketing?

It gives you the ability to target each and every individual with custom message, which gives you an immense ROI.

Aweber allows you to segment your email subscribers based on their activity.

Aweber Segmentation Options

You can add triggers like link clicks, failed to open etc.

Mailchimp also offers the same feature that Aweber does, it’s just that on higher Mailchimp plans you get much more advanced segmentation options to choose from.

Mailchimp Segmentation Options

So when it comes to segmentation of your email subscribers Mailchimp is what I would recommend.


Mailchimp has great plans to offer for its users but I feel Aweber is much more flexible when it comes to pricing.

Aweber offers a free plan up to 500 subscribers. If you have a small email list just go with Aweber as it is pretty affordable.

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But if you are on a budget and want affordable rates then Mailchimp is where you should look at.

Mailchimp also offers a Free plan in which you can have 2000 contacts and can send upto 12000 emails per month for completely free of cost.

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Which One Do I Recommend?

So finally which email marketing software do I recommend?

If you are on a low or tight budget then just go with Mailchimp. It offers much more for Free users compared to Aweber.

But if you are planning to take your business to the next level and still want to maintain the simplicity or ease of use then Aweber is the email marketing service you should be using.

So I will personally recommend Aweber over Mailchimp.