5 Useful Tips To Write a Killer About Me Page

How To Write a Killer About Me Page

A lot of people do not know or just ignore this aspect.

Do you what is the most important part of your site or the thing that will build trust among your audience?

It is the ‘About Me’ page.


But yes! It is and I will tell you exactly why.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who landed on your blog.

You will surely have few doubts regarding the blog you have landed on.

Is this blog trust worthy?

Is the content right for me to follow?

Does the person who runs the blog solve my problems?

It is worth to spend my precious time on this blog?

So this is when ‘About Me’ page comes into play.

In such situations visitors take a look at your ‘About’ page for validation.

Your About page gives an idea to the person who landed on your blog.

Like who you are, what this blog is about and how this blog can help him to become better or solve their queries.

This helps to build a loyal audience who want to communicate and connect with a real human being which they can reach out with their problems.

It shows your authority in your niche and leads to building trust among your leaders.

Still, I see many new bloggers do not give much importance to ‘About Me’ page.

And in my opinion it is a huge mistake which should be avoided.

Lack of ‘About Me’ section in your blog creates uncertainty in your readers mind and they hesitate to make a purchase or even give out their email address.

The worst part is that they will never come back to your blog again.

This is the main reason why you should have a ‘About Me’ page on your blog.

So now lets get to the point which you are here for.

How to write a killer about me page?

I understand it might be difficult for some of you to really write about yourself.

I have been through this.

Initially I was able write a blog post in just couple of hours but when it came to writing ‘About Me’ page I would just keep on staring at the blank page with no idea where to start.

Then I came across this 5 step formula which helped me to write my about me page.

5 Tips To Write a Killer About Me Page

1. Write In First Person

Always do remember, that your about me page should be personal.

Unless you are operating a business blog or a company blog.

Do not write in a way that the visitor feels some third person is telling them about you.

That’s just a big no no!

2. Write The Same Way You Speak

If you really want to connect with your reader then speak write in a language or use words which will make them feel that you are talking to them personally.

This will help to build trust between you and the reader.

3. Let Them Know About You

Let them know who you are and why you chose to create this blog?

How will you help them to solve their queries?

Let them know the experience you have in your niche so that they can trust you and connect with you and share problems they are facing.

Just write as if you are speaking with them.

Do not present a resume to them. Make it informal.

4. Tell Them About Your Blog

Let your readers know what your blog is all about.

What they will get to learn if they follow your blog.

Always remember you blog should a solution to your readers queries.

If you focus on it you will automatically generate traffic and thus sales.

5. Add A Lead Generation Form/Call To Action

I have seen and read a lot of blogs.

One thing I noticed and really bothered me was that their about me page does not have a lead generation form or an call to action button.

When you write all the stuff I mentioned about, this is the right time and the best place to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or offer them lead magnet.

Its done.

That’s your about me page.

But do remember to keep updating your about me page regularly with news related to your blog, your blog achievements, some important data, etc.

Now what are you waiting for?

Start killing it by writing your ‘About Me’ page.